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“Do Not Just Train, learn the process and understand how to stick to it as well”


KIANABOLIK consists of two words; KIAN, which is my name and ANABOLIK(correctly spelled Anabolic) Although it might be misleading for some people to think we promote the use of anabolic steroids, which we do not, the word anabolic or anabolism process has got nothing to do with substance abuse and doping and is simply a term for describing process of growing muscle and repairing body tissues or rest and digest process. On the other hand, we have another contradictive process called catabolic phase or catabolism process which is basically tissue break down and muscular damage or fight or flight process and as much as it seems scary or unwanted, the balance between these two is the most important factor in any sport or type of training in general.





For a long time I could not find a unified place where I could educate myself with the most important elements or as I call them KEY factors in fitness and health based on rationale and scientific studies so I decided to start my own website and collect all proven and studied methods to help other passionate fitness lovers as well as myself.

Now let me give you some guidance on how to use our website in the best manner:

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I hope my site can help you reach your goals better and faster and If you did, do not forget to recommend our site to other fitness enthusiasts….