how to behave inside gym?(the ultimate gym etiquette updated after covid-19)

we all love gym. we feel a special bond with this place. in the gym we feel special, focused, respected, comfortable, happy, energetic, healthy and hygienic, but there are things that we do(a lot of the times unintentionally) that makes this lovely place a bad experience for our friends(or as we say fitness family) in this environment. in order for us to feel respected and welcomed to this family, it is essential that we remind ourselves what gym Etiquette rules we must all follow, and also what we must expect from the rest of our fitness family members.
KIANABOLIK¬†has gathered up a new updated gym Etiquette list for fitness fans based on research and psychological notions, especially after corona virus pandemic nightmare.¬†with gyms starting to open up around the world and people getting rid of this virus, there are new rules and regulations also added to the list, the rules about overall hygiene, but also for the fact that we should respect other people’s space while communicating with them.
keep in mind that you should read the full rules of the gym you are using and if you did not see it in the gym, it is advised to ask one gym worker to tell you where to find it. for example some gyms allow the use of chalk or taking off shoes while some others do not.
(since the acts of dropping weights, shouting, joking and laughing, shaving inside the gym shower or toilet, swearing, eating(except in the designated area if present), playing music loud or talking loud are so unathletic and we all know them by now, it seemed so obvious we do not really need to mention them here)
also if you think i have left out something in here, i would be glad if you’d let me know in the comment section down below.
here are the rules you should be aware of:

1-Put everything you used in the gym back when you are done with them but not where it was, but where it belongs.

this is probably the most crucial rule every member should strictly follow. it does not matter if it was a 2 Lbs dumbbell or a pair of 100 Lbs. you should clean your kit(if needed) and put them on the rack or the place they BELONG.
if some other person put that somewhere not good, you must put it back where the gym management has allocated. it is also advised to you for safety reasons, even if you haven’t used something, if you see it somewhere it is not supposed to be, put it back where it should be and clean the kit(if needed) either by yourself or ask one of PTs for help.

2-if you see someone already using a device, give them space to finish first but be sure to ask them how long it exactly takes so they know you are strict with your training.

if you intend to use a device someone is already using and it is not possible for both of you to train simultaneously, always ask how long it takes for them to finish up. this way you can programme your training properly. if it took longer than that, do not be shy to remind them again but keep in mind you should have the friendly manner in your body language to keep the rapport inside the gym.
also if the situation was the opposite, try to be accurate with your timing and finish up your set and also clean the kit(if needed) and give it to the next guy.

3-clean your kit and keep your hygiene both for healthy reasons and also to let other people enjoy their time inside the gym as well.

corona had lots of downsides, but it also taught us a lot of things, one of them was the importance of hygiene and showing how vulnerable we all can be. you should always remember to clean your kit based on your gym guidelines.
also you should take care of your smell if you have. it does not matter if you had a rough day and could not take a shower or you just trained hard. as mentioned all our fitness family members have the right to have a enjoyable time there.
keep this rule in mind as well: your sweat should never drop anywhere inside gym and if happened, you must clean it. also if you sweat a lot, wear clothes that absorbs them fully and also bring your towel and wash your hands if they get dirty.
do not Overdo Perfume or Cologne as well, not only in the gym, but in general!

4-always keep your space with other people and only get close to them if they are ok with it.

gyms can get crowded and every one is busy there trying to do the job done and head back out. it really is hard to stay completely far from other people sometimes but always try to give people around you as much space as possible.
also if someone requested you to spot, if you are not experienced, just say no, but if you are experienced and you are willing to do that, regardless of their gender, remember to ask them how they want it and if they are comfortable with you getting close to them or touching them.

5-avoid lifting heavier that you can handle to prevent injuries to yourself and others while also keeping equipment safe.

we all want to lift heavy and it is also advised by health experts we should keep our muscles and bones strong and without a doubt heavy lifting is good for that but what is heavy lifting really?
heavy lifting means lifting as much weight as possible without risking your health and other people around you. also remember if you are using a device which seems unable to handle heavy weights, even if you could handle the weights, do not use it.
also if you are a strong individual who uses lots of plates, try your best to find times which the gym is not crowded so you can find your weights easily and at the same time do not make others weight up for plates.
as a rule of thumb, for sets with lower reps than 6, you better have a spotter.

6-do not block other people around you and always watch around to know where every one is headed.

not only this keeps you safe, you do not also block other people from walking around the gym or using any equipment. do not stay in front of the dumbbell rack, between someone and the mirror while they are training, other equipment like weight machines and water fountain.

7-only ask someone who is using a device to train simultaneously if it does not interfere with his session.

if someone is using a barbell to do squats and is racking 300 Lbs on it, do not ask if it is ok to join him to do 50 Lbs shoulder press. but if someone is doing a superset or resting in between sets enough for you to train without messing that person or yours session, it is fine to ask them that.
also keep in mind that if you train with someone, regardless of their gender, neither them or you need to spot or help each other without asking for it.

8-do not give advice to other people if you are not certified to do so, also do not ask uncertified people inside the gym.

you come to gym to progress and stay safe and healthy, not to get injured. it does not matter how long you have trained in the gym, if you are not certified, you should not give advice to other people, especially younger generation or elderly. every individual is different and what worked for you might cause injury for another.

9-do not record others or stare at them while they are training without having their permission.

it does not matter whether he is the PT or a famous athlete or just a normal guy. training needs focus and although some people get energized and competitive when other people watch, not everyone feels comfortable being watched during session. you must follow this rule especially for women if you are a guy.
also if you are recording something and someone is in it, ask them if it is okay with them for you to keep or use it.

10-wear appropriate clothes not only to keep the hygiene, also to respect other people’s privacy.

even if you are fit and healthy and everybody says you look sexy, still you should not wear clothes which are too showy and distract other people. also as mentioned if you are sweaty, wear clothes that absorb them.
also avoid flip-flops and anything which does not secure your safety inside the gym.

11-show up on time if you have a class or someone else programme depends on you.

if you hired a PT or started a class programme, always keep in mind you should arrive a few minutes sooner.

12-keep the chitchat outside the gym and help others stay relaxed inside the gym.

it does not matter if the music is loud or whether you are in the changing room or sauna, people do not need and want to know about the party you went to last night or the restaurant you visited. it also messes up focus and thought process of some people while training.
also do not try to hit on other members inside the gym, even if they like you. the problem is not with seducing or attraction, it is just simply the fact that you should take training important and care about it.
we do not say you should not socialize inside the gym and make friends, if you like, exchange numbers and have chat or date later on after the session but do not think of gym as a friend rendezvous like a pub or bar.

13-pay any pending bills or debts you have in the gym every time you go there.

not only it keeps you well respected and trust-worthy, it eases minds of other people as well. also if you have a special gym you always attend, it is good if possible to deposit some money in advance so if you forgot your money or card someday, you can use that.

14-do not try to be creative if you are not experienced.

nobody feels safe and comfortable training beside someone who does not know what he is doing.
creativity is a great thing in any aspect of life, especially sports but if you are new to sports and gym and still are learning the basics, try to start off with moves and exercises which are easy to do and learn and as you get advanced and read and research more, by the help of science and human anatomy and physics, you can think of using devices for a special purpose if they are fit for it but until then, stick to normalcy.

15-do each exercise where they are supposed to be done.

do not try jogging or warming up in the middle of free weights and also do not lunge with a barbell inside of a yoga class, plain and simple.

16-keep smiling and having good fun.

it does not matter how inexperienced or professional you are, nothing can make other people feel better and help them have a fun experience like smiling. even if you are focused on your session, smile and make appropriate jokes with people who are socializing with you so they do not feel intimidated by you or think you are sad and attract that feeling.