Lat pulldown variations and how to perform it safely

lat pulldown machine is in almost every gym, although this is overall safe, but still there are small details you should consider and variations which you might not already know about. in this video, I talk about how the width of your grip affects your exercise as well as the angle of your torso to foot and leg positioning. as a general rule, keep in mind to not bring the bar too low. the bar should come down to somewhere between your nose and clavicle or collarbone. also do not use momentum and speed since it can be risky.

make sure you can control the weight all the way and also feel the stretch. when you became more advanced, you can just use your hands as a grip and not squeeze it fully to use more lats and back but that should only be done with light weights since it puts a lot of pressure on your forearm.

if you had any question, leave it in the comment section.