how to stretch after exercise or before bed for better recovery?

without any doubt, stretching must be a fundamental aspect of anyone who does any kind of sports or even is sedentary. you need stretching to balance your muscular flexibility, release stress and tension inside the muscle, recycle blood from the trained muscle and etc but the problem is we often do not do it, whether its because we forget or we are just too tired after our session, or maybe because we think we should go beyond failure and it is just painful or we just don’t know what to do and it seems to be a long process.

first of all, do not overdo it. the goal of stretching is to release the stress, not to cause it! second of all, you don’t need to stretch in isolation. you can save time and stretch multiple muscles at the same time. and finally, by repeating these few mixed stretches a few times, you are going to memorize the sequence soon so you don’t leave out any muscle anymore.