how to target hamstring with resistance band or cable

although the tool for demonstration is a resistance band in this video, you can use a cable as well.

there is no difference between a resistance band and a cable but one thing: a resistance band gains more resistance as you stretch it but a cable has a constant resistance throughout the full range of motion.

so when using a resistance band, the focus should be more on the last degrees of contraction and holding it there, not the beginning of the rep where resistance is lower, but that is not the case when it comes to cables.

with a cable, all the range of motion matters the same. the downside of a resistance band for the hamstring is not being able to fully stretch the muscle under resistance. although you can lay on a bench and wrap the band vertically and under pre-stretch, that is not an easy set-up and also not that much challenging.

remember to slow it down, especially during the range the resistance is at its highest(which is when it is stretched and is perpendicular to your lower leg).