how to train lower leg muscles properly?

in this video, we are going to talk about how you can train your calves best way possible based on your goals. the posterior part of your lower leg consists of 7 muscles. one of them has a big impact on how the exercise is performed and the remaining 6 help in plantar flexion(Plantarflexion is the movement that allows you to press the gas pedal of your car by pushing the toes down and raising the heel off the ground). popliteus is the muscle that stabilizes the leg when there is no bend in the knee. for that matter, it is hard to point the toes outward or inward without rotation of the whole leg from the hip, but that changes when the knee gets bent. you are going to be able to have a more impactful range of inversion and eversion of the foot(or pointing the toes out and in as mentioned). that can have some impact on which side of muscles inside your lower leg you use more(left or right). but the reason we care about bending of the knee is not for this issue that much, but more about which muscles actually get used more(rather than which side). when the knee is bent(knee flextion), you are going to use a lot more soleus, digitorum longus, hallucis longus, and tibialis posterior muscles and when the knee is not bent(knee extention), you are going to use more gastrocnemius and plantaris muscles.