how can Rooibos or redbush help your fitness goals?

Rooibos tea or ‘redbush’ tea has long been celebrated for its wellbeing properties. One of Time Magazine’s top 50 healthiest foods, today there are ongoing studies around the world into the various rooibos tea benefits. Here is a guide to some of the special aspects of this much-loved South African tea.

Rooibos has a nutty, full bodied flavour that is both refreshing and a great herbal substitute for everyday tea and coffee.

Rooibos has no need to be blended with other ingredients. It stands alone and still achieves a full colour, taste and aroma. Rooibos is the only infusion that goes well with milk – just like with your “normal” tea.

Being naturally caffeine free (which means there is no need to strip any caffeine away as with black teas – the plant leaves that are used are 100% naturally caffeine free) and less than 4 calories a cup, it’s also great for the kids’ teatime – lovely with a little milk and honey.

How is Redbush made? 

The red colour of this tea is created from the fermentation process – the Rooibos bush is actually green, just like the tea bush. In the Clanwilliam region Redbush was discovered and has been prepared as a tea by the indigenous Khoisan people for about 300 years. They would chop the leaves into smaller pieces using axes, hit and bruise the leaves with hammers, before drying them. The drying out of the Rooibos under the African sun changes the colour of the leaves to a deep red colour and enhances the flavour. 

How can redbush or rooibos help me with my fitness goals?

it is full of brilliant compounds that provide a plethora of health benefits, making it one of the best drinks available for giving the body a boost. South Africans have turned to it as a medicinal aid. It is used as a natural remedy to settle stomach upset, relieve eczema, reduce skin allergies, promote better sleep and soothe infant colic.”


Below are just some of the health benefits of drinking Redbush Tea:

  1. It Can Improve Your Skin

Redbush tea is rich in zinc, which is an important nutrient in assisting cell repair, healing wounds, protection against UV rays and reducing inflammation.

  1. A Rich Source in Antioxidants

An even richer source of antioxidants than Green Tea! Rich in Aspalathin and Nothofagin, which help protect the body by fighting free-radicals that attack healthy cells. 

  1. It Can Improve Blood circulation and Lower Blood Pressure

Containing the Chrysoeriol compound, which aids blood circulation and has been linked to reducing cholesterol. This also has the added effect of reducing blood pressure.

  1. It Promotes Healthy Hair

Rich in Calcium, Copper and Potassium, which are all important minerals that support hair growth.

  1. It Aids Digestion

Redbush tea is also rich in Antispasmodic agents which help ease stomach cramps, abdominal pain and aid digestion. 

  1. It’s Good for Bones and teeth

With a high Manganese, Calcium and Fluoride content which help promote healthy bones and teeth.