how to perform shoulder press?

the shoulder press is a great exercise for building strength and size in your shoulder(front deltoid or delt and a little bit middle delt) and triceps. like always, there are things you should consider in order to be able to perform the exercise safely and be able to target the muscles based on your goals. foot positioning is better to be wide to have a good balance, especially if you perform the exercise one side at a time(unilaterally). put your hip back to the seat and do not let it move to the sides. if it is hard for you to do that, especially when the weight is heavy and repetitions are under 8, try to slide your feet forward on the ground. they are not going to move but it pushes the hip to the seat so balance and stability is easier. also, for better stability, you want to engage your core muscles as well and that requires you to keep the tempo of your breathing. keep your normal arch in the back but do not exaggerate it, also keep the shoulder blades on the pad as well. make sure you are not bending the neck and you keep your head neutral. now let’s talk about the arm itself. starting with the shoulder, make sure you don’t pinch it down too much so it is uncomfortable and hurting, also make sure you do not let it move so freely. make sure the elbows are always a few centimeters in front of your torso and avoid bringing them too much back. the cue is that you should be able to see both of your elbows when you look forward. also, make sure you do not bend the elbow too much in the movement and do not exceed flexion less than around 90 degrees, meaning your arm must not go lower than parallel to the ground. the more you flex the elbow, the more triceps you use. also make sure the wrist is not bending in any direction, exactly like the neck.