training the entire body in 20 minutes episode 9

if you have a busy schedule and need to get things done fast, follow my full-body workout for people in a hurry series. make sure you watch the videos about the instruction of these exercises below as well. some of these exercises are shown with different variations. make sure you watch the videos first and then do the exercises and not while you are doing them so you have a better focus on what you are doing. there are 3 warm-up exercises that come after the warm-up routine mentioned below via link, after that, you do 9 exercises three times(or at least twice but if you can push it, go for 4 but not more than that since intensity is going to fall). perform 3 exercises back to back then rest for one set and go to the next 3 as shown in the video. each set is 30 seconds.

warm-up and dynamic stretching:

cool-down and static stretching:

bear crawl:

push up:


plate squeeze:

shoulder side raise:

back fly or back glide:

side lunge:

calf training:

core exercises:

make sure you do the warm-up and cool-down as well.