what you need to know about leucine(L-leucine)

Several nutrients have nutritional values that goes beyond their roles as energy sources or molecule components.  Leucine is without a doubt one of them(if not the most important one!).

How many types of leucine are there?

  • L-leucine

    – a natural version of the amino acid leucine, which is found in proteins in the body and is most commonly used as a nutritional supplement

  • D-leucine

    – is the supplement form of L-leucine, which is produced in laboratories and also serves to prepare nutritional supplements

Leucine is one of nine EAAs(essential amino acids) and one of three BCAAs(branched chain amino acids) and sometimes even referred to as the most important amino acid in human body, In fact, the other two components of BCAAs (isoleucine and valine) only ‘get in the way’ by competing with leucine for absorption. It is said as an average A person weighing 70kg (~154 pounds) should consume around 2730mg of leucine per day.

Leucine is imperial for the growth and rebuild and repair of muscle, skin and bone. it seems like the only amino acid that can stimulate muscle growth and prevent the deterioration of muscle with age. It also when combined with glutamine helps to counteract the bad effects of stress on muscle, something that is the silent killer of muscle growth in a lot of people.

How Leucine helps athletic performance?

switching on anabolic (rest and digest phase) processes in the muscle cells via a system called mTOR

encouraging maximum hydration of the muscle cells(which also encourages anabolism in the muscle)

increase energy production

Helps in fat loss by reducing fat accumulation

regulation of blood-sugar levels

growth and repair of muscle and bone tissue

growth hormone production; and wound healing

prevent breakdown of muscle protein after trauma or severe stress

the carbon skeleton of leucine can be used to generate ATP

regulate cellular processes like protein synthesis , tissue regeneration, and metabolism

what are the best sources of leucine?

Whey protein

Soy protein

Soya beans





Chicken breast