what is my perfect weight?

one of the biggest hassles when it comes to fitness and healthy living is knowing your ideal weight. although it really is hard to measure that with formula based on the fact that each and every one of us are built different, we can at least have an idea about the range which is good for us.

although there are many different calculations and formulas when it comes to measuring ideal weight, they mostly give a range of numbers which are close to each other.

now how does our calculator differ?

well we went one step further and wrote an algorithm for our app here which combines different formulas and gives you the average of all of them.

for example if you are a 25 year-old female who weights 168 kg with a wrist circumference of 15 cm, with G. J. Hamwi formula, your ideal weight is 59 but if you use D. R. Miller Formula, 61 is your ideal weight. here FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in KIANABOLIK we have gathered the best and most reliable formulas and used them in combination to give you a KEY in finding your weight zone.

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