how to perform side leg raise properly(leg abduction guide with cable and resistance bands)

I already have multiple videos regarding glutes or bum but since lots of people still try to develop it by doing side raises incorrectly, it seemed reasonable to talk about leg abduction separately as well(i also have a video about leg adduction in my channel).

first of all, you do not need to raise your leg too much up.

when you are raising your leg to the side(leg abduction), you should stop going higher as soon as you saw your toes are pointing out instead of straight simultaneously with the thigh bone(we are not talking about eversion and inversion of the foot). the more your thigh points out(external rotation of the hip), the more TFL, quadriceps, hip flexors, and even rectus abdominis(six-pack muscle) you use.

second of all, you must not attach the resistance(band, cable machine, dumbbell, or whatever else that adds resistance) to your ankle.

when you attach it to your ankle or any part of your shinbone or tibia, you are putting the ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints, bursae, nerves, and lots of other things that are in your knee area. why would you train a muscle by adding a resistance one joint away from it? bring the resistance higher than the knee(on your thigh) and keep your knee healthy and comfortable.

third of all, where you put the end of the cable or band is important.

it is all about the degree. although resistance bands become more challenging as you stretch them if the band is placed to a bar higher than your knee, it is not going to affect your abductor muscles that much when you raise the leg past a certain degree. if you feel that it still feels hard on your abductors when you put the end of the band higher than your knee, it is because of the weight of your own leg, not the band.