how to perform skull crushers for triceps growth?

when it comes to triceps, there are 3 main variables that not only affect the muscles(heads) involved in the exercise but also affect what other muscles are involved in. these three factors are the degree of shoulder flexion/extension, degree of shoulder abduction/adduction(which is related to whether the hand is supinated or pronated), and degree of shoulder internal/external rotation.

we have already discussed the differences in previous videos but we go through a few details here as well. we give you three variations that are different in the first factor(shoulder flexion/extension degree) and also little tweaks that are going to affect other factors.

these variables can be mixed together but we did not go through it here since it would take ages but just keep that in mind that not all the variations work with each other and you have to consider your flexibility and stability as well and not all of them should be performed with the same weight.