training lower leg(calf muscles and tibialis anterior)

the most neglected body part when it comes to training properly is the lower leg and majority of times it is intentional, but one thing that might surprise you is, i believe, more than 95 percent of people do not train all the muscles in the lower leg even once in a month! what!! yes that is true. have you ever heard of the muscle tibialis anterior?? i guess not!!! watch the video then to know more about this muscle. let’s dive deep and talk about the importance of lower leg: although when you walk, you already work lower leg every single day but you need to understand that genetically you are also hardwired to have more endurance with this muscle so you are not challenging it enough. also walking does not incorporate foot range of motion for this joint and time under tension is low(although you might be walking for an hour, you are pausing contraction each time you take a step). to be able to create a strong and flexible ankle, you should train calf muscles(gastrocnemius and soleus) and tibialis anterior(and some other deep muscles) through their full range of motion. since functional activities and athletic performance highly rely on you being on your feet, you need to build a balanced foundation of strength and flexibility. contrary to popular belief, you should not be too much flexible and that is also correct for ankles. keep in mind you should also train your calves both with a bent knee and straight knee to target every muscle inside but avoid internal and external rotation of the hip and eversion and inversion of foot since they do not matter as reasons are given in the video.