how to use hyperextension bench to strengthen deep muscles in our back

we all neglect our back training day someway. that could be because we do not see it so we do not care, it feels sore and we think it is hurting our back or we think doing deadlifts and barbell rows is enough for it. but it is not right.

first of all if you feel pain in the muscle when you train your back, that is not bad for the back, in fact lack of strength in the back is what causes lots of back pains such as disc issues and flatback. deadlifts and barbell rows are also good for the back but they do not target all of it.

we have explained the details about how you should place your body in the bench properly from heels and feet position, knee, hip and glutes but the main thing is what to do with the back.

hyperextension bench(also called back extension machine) is a perfect device to work on the back, but the problem is we tend to make it into a glute exercise. anatomically we have 3 main muscles called iliocostalis, longissimus and spinalis which are also called erector spinae which comes from the bottom of your spine, near sacrum, all the way up to the neck. these muscles come from each vertebrae or rib bone to higher vertebrae or rib bone and they have the responsibility to extend your back. so when you perform back extension and have a flat back, you are not using these muscles in the best way they prefer to work.

there are also three other main muscles which lay deeper called rotators, multifidus and semispinalis which help in transverse plane rotation of your torso and are the antagonistic or opposing muscles to obliques. working on these muscles is also great for injury prevention and back stability for high performance athletes.

two other muscles come around your neck area which are called splenius capitis and splenius cervicis which help you extend the neck, but as mentions do not try to overextend the neck but a control movement is good for that.

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