what you need to know about Methionine(L-Methionine )

Methionine is a sulfur-containing amino acid. Amino acids mostly help build the proteins that make up the tissues and organs in our body but that is not all they can do. It plays an important role in the many functions within the body.

Methionine is also imperial for the production of essential chemicals in our body such as sulfate, homocysteine and taurine.

Methionine can be converted into important sulfur-containing molecules. only methionine and cysteine amino acids contain sulfur and cysteine can be synthesized inside our body(non-essential amino acid or NEAAs) but methionine has to be included inside our diet(essential amino acid or EAA).

Methionine health benefits

As we mentioned Methionine can be converted into important sulfur-containing molecules. These molecules protect of our tissues, modify our DNA and maintain proper functioning of body cells.

Methionine is used to prevent liver damage in acetaminophen (Tylenol) poisoning (methionine prevents the breakdown products of acetaminophen from damaging the liver). It is also used for increasing the acidity of urine and prevent kidney stones, reduce the damage from heavy metals in the blood and treating liver disorders, It may also act as an antioxidant and protect damaged tissues and radiation side effects and improve wound healing. It also has shown to be beneficial with people suffering from schizophrenia, depression and Parkinson’s disease. Other uses include treating alcoholism and drug withdrawal, allergies, asthma and copper poisoning. Methionine can also help reduce cholesterol levels.

deficiency in methionine may lead to inflammation of liver (steatohepatitis), anemia, and grey hair.

Best food sources and dosage for amino acid methionine

The RDA(recommended daily intake) of methionine is around 10mg per KG of body weight or 4.5mg per each pound

Each 100 gram or litre(for milk only) of the foods below contains the amount mentioned inside parenthesis of methionine:

whole grains(like quinoa(96mg))