wood choppers and pallof press

woodchoppers and Pallof press are two great exercises for developing endurance and stability in the core, especially since it is unilateral(one side at a time). all you need to perform this exercise is either a cable or a resistance band.

the difference that a resistance band has compared to a cable is that with the resistance band it gets tougher as you stretch it more but the resistance of a cable is stable during the entire range of motion(if some ranges of the exercise feel harder with cable, it is because of your own muscular ability, flexibility, and stability, not the cable itself).

by playing with the 4 variables of this exercise, you are going to be able to target a whole range of muscles, from your traps and lats to hip flexors and even chest and shoulder. the most important and underrated muscle(or better to say muscle groups)that get involved in the core workouts is transversospinalis(any rotation and stability work in the spine is going to work on them).

no matter what variation you are doing, do not go fast and do not force the range of motion if you do not have the flexibility to do that without a band or a cable. interlace your fingers, take a wide stance, do not move the arms(only rotate from the thoracic spine or the chest), do not keep your arm fully straight(bend the elbow slightly), and try to keep your hip fixed and avoid rotating the hip as much as you can.